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How to Install Your Rain Barrel

When full of rainwater, your 60 gallon barrel will be very heavy, and at nearly 520 pounds, pre-planning its placement is a must!

Height: If possible, arrange your rain barrel on a sturdy platform of cinder blocks or other base material. If you place your barrel a bit higher than the ground level, you will gain slightly more water pressure (important if you wish to attach a drip line to the barrel). It also provides for additional clearance should you wish to place a bucket or a watering can beneath the spigot. Safety should be your greatest concern, however; be certain that the barrel is secure from tipping to prevent possible injury.

Placement: Chose a downspout that use wish to use for your source of rainwater. Shade is not essential, but it does help to keep your rainwater cool in the summer months. Place your platform close to the selected downspout.

Downspout Diverter: If you have chosen to use a downspout diverter (highly recommended for a couple of reasons – please see below), install the diverter according to directions. Be sure that the diverter intersects the downspout level with the barrel's top. Attach the diverter’s hose to the barrel. If you do not wish to use a downspout diverter, install a curved piece of downspout (found at any hardware store) to your current downspout to direct the rainwater onto the top of your barrel. In this case it will be necessary to attach an overflow hose to the side of the barrel to direct water away from your foundation.

Connecting Multiple Barrels: Catch the Rain™ barrels are specially made to be interconnected and it is very easy to do! Simply add a length of standard watering hose between the barrels and place the additional barrels at the same height or lower. When the first barrel fills, the excess water will spill over into the next barrel and so on.

Why use an Automatic Downspout Diverter? An automatic downspout diverter will automatically divert the rainwater from your guttering system to your rain barrel. When your barrels are full, the water will be redirected back into the downspout system, carrying the rainwater away from your home. It will not be necessary to go out in the rain to turn a system on and off and, very importantly, the automatic downspout diverter will keep overflow water from pooling at your home’s foundation.

What about Algae and Mosquitoes? These are common concerns when considering a rainwater collection system. Catch the Rain™ barrels are painted with UV protected paint which will prevent algae growth and the fine mesh screen keeps the mosquitoes from the water.


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